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When I was 28 I was going through a divorce and went from a stay home mom of two young children to a full time working single mom. My skin reacted from the stress and it was BAD. That's when I found an esthetician who cured my breakouts and put me on the right skin care regimen. I learned about diet and other factors that have to do with having healthy skin.

I opened Skin Care by Jennifer in January 2005. 

I became an esthetician because I love to take care of and nurture people. I also understand the frustration of having skin problems and did not have results after many years of going to several different dermatologists.

I've always been interested in skin care, holistic healing and nutrition.  I dove into books and classes on skin care and the healing arts. I'll always continue my education, as new research and studies are being done all the time. This is any ever changing industry.  

I perform very effective extractions without scarring, and treatments so your skin can start healing immediately. I welcome each client into my warm and nurturing space as if they were a very special guest. I feel humbled by my clients' praises. I truly feel blessed to be doing what I love to do, what I'm meant to help heal skin and make my clients happy and healed.

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