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Care Better Daily

For a Healthy Balanced Life

100% Organically Grown CBD Tested for the Highest Purity & Potency was born out of the idea that people need to “Care Better Daily” !   It may sound simple but it's far more than a company motto.  We also considered that Caring Better Daily means treating your own health better, the health of your pets and simply being a better person to other living creatures you come into contact with on a daily basis.  Kind Words.   A Helping Hand.  More Understanding. is the business side and was created in light of the growing CBD market.  CBD is not just a product line but a whole new mentality.  The organic and omnipresent nature of Hemp based products means that individual health in an organic pathway means more than the traditional chemical health path.   We believe that our products at will pass rigorous triple testing for transparency, safety and full-disclosure.   Our organic, Made-In-USA farming is amongst the best in the U.S.  And our formulation is the epitome of wellness innovation.


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CBD Facial Oil 

AM/PM Concentrated Rejuvenating

Treatment For All Skin Types.  A Squalane based treatment that rapidly absorbs to help restore the skin’s protective barrier.   Our CBD Facial Oil   replenishes protective lipids that are depleted by aging and environmental stress. Pure, organic oils,  CBD, extracts, and vitamins helps to smooth visible lines, lock in moisture, reduce skin inflammation, discoloration, puffiness, blemishes and breakouts.

Directions:  Apply one to two drops to clean, dry face, neck, and chest and gently massage in. Use morning and evening. For all skin types.

Contains:  Squalane, Hemp Seed Oil*, Apricot Kernel Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Cannabidiol (500 mg per 30 mL), Extracts of: Sea Buckthorn, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Apple, Lavender, Green Tea, Cardamom, Raspberry, Melon, Rose, Cucumber, Ylang Ylang., Guaiazulene, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Castor Seed Oil*, Tocopherol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid.       *Organic

Caution:  Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed. People with nut allergies and pregnant/nursing mothers should avoid using this product. If irritation occurs discontinue use. Color, scent and viscosity may vary and change due to natural ingredients. Use only for topical cosmetic applications. For external use only.


Made in USA .







CBD Super Serum



CBD Super Serum provides a potent does of CBD and other active botanicals for amazing anti-aging and inflammation-relieving results!

Active Ingredients

The main active ingredient in CBD Super Serum is, of course, cannabinoids. Every application has pure cannabinoids that contain CBD, CBC, and CBG—all non-psychoactive cannabinoids that have beneficial effects ranging from pain relief to skin repair.

This formula combines CBD oil with other skin-nourishing ingredients, including:

  • Safflower Oil – Naturally rich in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid, safflower oil improves the integrity of the skin barrier and can aid wound healing and natural skin brightening.

  • Sunflower Oil – A natural emollient, sunflower oil is a good source of Vitamin E and other antioxidizing compounds.

  • Hemp Seed Oil – Hemp seed oil is very balancing, helping to restore moisture without clogging pores.

All active ingredients are cold-processed to prevent degradation during manufacture and in storage so that you get the maximum dose delivered with each application

Skin Benefits

The active ingredients in CBD Super Serum can help you achieve a wide range of skincare goals, such as:

  • Anti-aging – The cannabinoids in CBD oil combined with linoleic acid and other antioxidants help repair environmentally induced skin damage. By neutralizing free radicals, CBD Super Serum also prevents the breakdown of collagen and elastin for firm, resilient skin that reduces the visibility of wrinkles.

  • Acne reduction – Because CBD oil can moisturize and hydrate without clogging pores, CBD Super Serum can help balance skin to minimize T-zone breakouts without over-drying other areas. Antimicrobial properties may also help to clear and prevent infectionfrom acne-causing bacteria.

  • Inflammation relief – CBD oil is used medicinally to relieve painful inflammation. When applied to your skin, you get the same relief, which reduces redness and skin reactivity to common irritants.

CBD Super Serum is an ideal formula for every skin type and every age.

How To Use CBD Super Serum

For best results, apply CBD Super Serum twice daily (morning and evening) after cleansing, before moisturizing.

1oz bottle: $120

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